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About Alchemy

Belinda Evans

Photograph by Pierre Curry

Alchemy is a label and online store that carries the handmade products of multidisciplinary Australian artist and maker Belinda Evans. Alchemy is a reflection of Belinda's choice to live a slow, simple, thoughtful life. Made and designed with a focus on high quality, natural, sustainable materials, her products are designed to bring joy and beauty to everyday life.

In addition to being an artist and maker, Belinda is also a conscious eater, forager, collector, traveller, photographer and sustainability educator. Obsessed with discovering and experiencing the beauty and imperfection of the natural world, Belinda spends a great deal of time with her eyes pointed downwards and her hands and pockets filled with treasures from the earth and ocean. Inspired by (and using) her natural discoveries, she attempts to capture their imperfect beauty in her photography and with her hands in the form of wood, clay, plant dyes and natural textiles.

Through her work, Belinda also aims to inspire others to live sustainably without compromising on quality and aesthetic, explore their own creativity (through whatever medium that may be) and bring joy and beauty to every day life. 

She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

If you have any questions, comments or want to say hello, email Belinda at: alchemybotanicals [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Find out more about Alchemy on the blog and Instagram (@iamalchemy).