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Tidal Detritus of Apollo Bay (I & II)


This tapestry diptych is hand woven using locally sourced polwarth, merino and corriedale wool and cotton that has been naturally dyed using locally foraged Australian native plants.

It was woven intuitively, inspired the natural materials that wash up along the shoreline, and memories of time spent at Apollo Bay, along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

These tapestries can be hung by either the wooden dowel or by the cotton twine (not pictured) that is attached to the wooden dowel.

They can be purchased as a set ($1,100) or separately ($680 each).

Materials used: botanical dyed and undyed polwarth, merino and corriedale wool and cotton,
reclaimed eucalyptus wood.

Dimensions of object: 84cm x 34cm (each)

These tapestries are from a collection inspired by my travels around Australia, from the barren desert to the lush rainforest and the vast ocean.

Ships in seven days.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.