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Wild harvested Australian native smudge sticks

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Wild harvested Australian native smudge sticks

Sticks are sold separately

Fill your home with the scents of the Australian bush with these wild harvested Australian native smudge sticks.

These generous bundles of wild grown native Australian plants, herbs and flowers have been naturally sun dried and bound with organic cotton thread.

1. Soothing (Ironbark eucalyptus, lavender, she oak and pink melaleuca) (small)
2. Uplifting (Lemon scented eucalyptus, rosemary, olive leaf and tea tree) (small)
3. Inspiring (Assorted wild harvested native Australian plants, herbs, and flowers including eucalyptus, tea tree, she oak, lavender, olive leaf, sage, rosemary, paperbark) (large)

How to use: holding the handle of your stick, light the end with a candle. Allow the end to remain alight with flame for a few seconds and then gently wave to extinguish the flame.

Always holding the burning end of the stick over a ceramic bowl to catch falling ash, walk around your home gently waving your stick to fill each room with smoke. When finished, snuff the stick by pressing it into the ceramic bowl.

Alternatively, leave the stick in the bowl, allowing it to smoulder until it extinguishes naturally.

You may relight and repeat this process until the stick has completely burned.

Size: Approximately 24cm long and 2cm wide (small)
Approximately 28 cm long and 3cm wide (large)

Materials: wild harvested Australian eucalyptus, melaleuca, casuarina, callistemon and acacia

Be sure to protect your smudge stick from moisture as this may prevent it from burning. If your stick does become damp, leave in a warm, dry position until dry.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

These smudge sticks are handcrafted using natural materials so there will be some variation in your stick from the ones that are pictured here.