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Alchemy values people and our natural environment very highly, and implements the following actions to ensure that the label's products and practices are as sustainable as possible.

  • Products are made using sustainable materials: mainly high quality reclaimed and found, but also high quality, recycled, non-toxic and handmade materials.
  • If materials are required to be purchased, we take the time to get to know the seller or maker and find out how and where the materials are produced. 
  • The minimum amount of materials required (with as little packaging as possible) are purchased to reduce wastage.
  • Materials are prepared and used in ways that reduce wastage.
  • Unused and excess materials are reused, recycled or donated to reduce wastage.
  • Packaging used to send products is made using reclaimed materials wherever possible, or if not, using the most environmentally sustainable new materials available. 
  • Tools and equipment are purchased secondhand or borrowed where possible.
  • Products are delivered to stores (or the post office) by walking, bicycle or public transport wherever possible.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions created on travels and postage are offset using tree planting.